The Evolution of the Trends During 2023

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The Evolution of Trends During 2023:

Vives Ceramica at the Forefront of Tile Design

In the ever-evolving world of ceramic tile design, the year 2023 has proven itself to be pivotal. With leading expositions showcasing the best in the industry, Vives Ceramica has made its mark, emerging as a trendsetter. As we track their journey through some of the industry's top events, it's clear how the evolution of tile design trends has taken shape this year.

CEVISAMA: A Global Meeting Point for Professionals

The CEVISAMA International Fair in Valencia, Spain, renowned for being a hotspot for ceramic tiles and bathroom furnishings, kicked off the year with a bang. With over 800 companies exhibiting across a vast 100,000 m^2, the fair presented an array of ideas and ceramic innovations tailored for the architecture, design, and interior décor sectors.

Vives Ceramica took center stage with its ATTICO collection. Comprising four distinct series, each series complements the other without compromising its individuality. They collectively bring creativity and elegance to spaces, defining a modern and welcoming aesthetic.

Following this, Vives introduced the IN OUT IN collection. Specifically designed for integral home decoration, this series caters to both interiors and exteriors. Boasting easy maintenance and non-slip properties, it stands out as an ideal choice for spaces around water.

Watch the highlights from CEVISAMA.


The Heartbeat of North American Tile Design


North America's premier event, the Coverings Trade Show, continued the momentum. With its long-standing reputation, the show has been the touchstone for ceramic tile and natural stone trends in the US for almost three decades.

This year, Coverings showcased more than 1,100 exhibiting companies and played host to over 26,000 visitors, all eager to experience the latest in ceramic product innovations and design trends.

Explore the Vives Ceramica display at COVERINGS.

Vives Ceramica at the Forefront of Tile Design

From the vibrant streets of Valencia to the classic realms of Bologna, this year marked an awe-inspiring journey of ceramic trends. The narrative of VIVES by GROF’s design evolution during 2023 is one of ceaseless innovation and a keen sense of where the world of architecture and design is headed next.

25 September - CERSAIE 2023 Unveiled

The scenic Italian city of Bologna becomes a confluence of art and architecture as VIVES debuts its latest creations at CERSAIE 2023 from September 25 to 29. With a mission to forge deeper connections, much like in past events, we strive to resonate closely with our global audience.

Each corner of our meticulously curated stand is a testament to the versatility and distinctiveness of our new collections. Every tile, every design, speaks of a unique personality, showcasing the expansive range of possibilities VIVES brings to the table.

At CERSAIE 2023, our vision is crystallized. Each exhibit we're a part of reflects our forward-thinking ceramic aesthetic that aligns with the evolving times. With elegance, design, and creativity at its core, VIVES stands tall, setting an unparalleled benchmark at this edition of CERSAIE.

In our quest to chart the evolution of design trends, we're not just tracing the journey of ceramic tiles, but also the shifting tastes, aspirations, and dreams of the very spaces they inhabit. Join us in this voyage, as we bring you the best from the heart of design capitals across the globe.

As 2023 comes to a close, the evolution of tile design trends has been nothing short of spectacular. Vives Ceramica's remarkable showcases across these events underline its status as a trendsetter in the industry. For architects and designers looking to remain ahead of the curve, keeping an eye on Vives Ceramica's innovations is a must.

Are you an architect or designer looking for the next big thing in ceramic tiles? Dive into our collection and be inspired by the latest trends.

Explore Vives by GROF Stock Products Here

Written by Renato Carmona


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