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White tiles with great versatility and exceptional effects offer and cover any space with the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The white color when designing a space plays an important role, being a color commonly used by designers and architects. 

White brings peace, lightness, light, elegance, and spaciousness used with the ideal tile effect and size creates a unique cladding solution. If white wall tiles fit perfectly in a space in your home. VIVES by GROF offers you Spanish tiles with a wide range of effects and tile sizes that complement and adapt to all the styles desired by the designers. 

White tiles are used in all types of indoor,  or outdoor spaces. Having a presence in almost all homes and businesses creating unique and special spaces that in addition to effects causes sensations. 

White tiles create a clean and calm bathroom with effects and designs that integrate perfectly with all styles, be it your home or business. White wall tiles are the most used color as a dashboard. 

The white color in a kitchen from the beginning has been a widely used color being presented from high society kitchens. With its virtues of effects and sensations, using white tiles in your kitchen is the perfect option for a classic or modern kitchen, a color that adapts to its environment, fitting perfectly with noble materials, stones and brushed, or polished metals, in addition, to protect with simple, elegance, luxury and style your walls. 

Bringing elegance with delicate designs wearing the perfection of white, we invite you to discover the Arkadia Blanco, Doney Blanco, Sasak-7, Omo, Inuit, Inari, Milvio Blanco, Pamukkale, Rivoli Blanco, Yoses collections. With more daring designs, ingeniously combining colors with white, we have the Karo, Asaro, Uta, Ron, Sasak-7, Senkel collections for you. Design tiles to stand out due to the delicate use of qualities in colors and effects.

Browse our online store and look for the ideal effect for your white wall tiles, take advantage of all the benefits,  and virtues offered by our variety and exclusive combinations in white tiles that we have for all your spaces.

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