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Octógono Negro
$11.04 / sqft
Octógono Alaska
$10.49 / sqft

Octagonal tiles have a peculiarly antique presence, which looks impressive on any bedroom floor. Highly acclaimed and is used by interior designers to complement the style and the beauty of flooring in recent years. 

Octagon floor tiles are eye-catching and unique. The tool used to complement the aesthetics of all rooms and inject character and personality into a bathroom, a kitchen, or a living room. 

With simple designs ideal to complement your rooms, we have the Octagon Turgis, Octagon Colton, Octagon Cabaret, Octagon Black, Octagon Alaska collections, ideal combinations between finish and color that add elegance. But our Octagon Zimer, Octagon Variette, Octagon Ritter, Octagon Musichalls and Octagon Diglas collections are tiles that allow you to effortlessly create a sophisticated, vintage look in your room.

Browse on our LIVE by GROF page the high-quality octagon mosaics that we have for you, Spanish tiles designed with the greatest effort to last on the floor of your home.

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