For more than 65 years Vives Ceramica has won the recognition of the most outstanding architects, designers, developers and home-owners around the world, allowing us to have a leading presence in the five continents. Our network of showrooms and our advanced technological and logistic process has been the basis for the exponential growth of the brand in recent years.

In the United States, VIVES by GROF and it's network of Associates and retailers have found in our east coast Distribution Center, the perfect ally to meet the highest demands in terms of product quality and european design, technical support, outstanding customer services and unsurpassed logistic times.

VIVES by GROF is a provider of luxury lifestyle and bold interior solutions for every room. Our VIVES partners and other products offer unparalleled quality and beauty to enhance everyday life. Our Guests can expect an elevated level of service, with integrity and superior product knowledge.

GROF provides smart, beautiful, luxury, home improvement, and design solutions to our customers, with a focus on wellness and lifestyle. Socially responsible, VIVES by GROF partners with the best manufacturing companies, such as the renowned VIVES tile company, dedicated to their crafts, quality of products, services, and overall excellence for the prestige of our customers.

Worldwide leaders in Tile supply solutions.

Shop online, call our customer service representatives or visit our Showrooms.

Extended portfolio of Hospitality, Residential and Commercial Projects.

Developers, Architects, Designers, Contractors and Homeowners daily choose GROF.

Vives offers more than 3500 Highest quality and top design products.

Advance retail and distribution network to solve all your needs and expectations.

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Procurement Service

Through all stages of a project, VIVES BY GROF offers its Supply Solutions, Procurement, and Logistics services, backed by years of experience in the Hospitality, Residential and Commercial industries.

Design Services

VIVES BY GROF works hand in hand with your Architects, Designers and Contractors, to execute all your specifications, and supply the necessary products to achieve the goals of the project. Our in-house design team is available for consultations throughout each phase of the project.

Personalized Attention

Our professionals, who are dedicated exclusively to your projects, will offer you a range of ideas and possibilities for each project, from conceptualization to execution.

What our clients say about us

Jose Ignacio Gonzalez

Resident Civil Engineer

St. Regis, Bermuda -  2 APR 2017, 12:21

"I am glad that we are going to keep working with Hotelco International Acquirements for our upcoming projects since they have always given us a big relief with the supplied materials".

Paula Andrea López Zulo 


Caribbean -  2 APR 2017, 12:21

"As an architect firm, we feel extremely satisfied and safe with the service of Grof, since the beginning of our different projects we always have a back up team supporting us and bringing solutions in each stage of the projects with top quality products and high level staff"

Juan Pablo Cordova

Resident Civil Engineer

The Ritz-Carlton Aruba -  15 SEP 2017, 14:42

“I can’t begin to adequately express how professional the GROF team was during the whole process of construction and procurement in The Ritz-Carlton Aruba.

Their knowledge and ability to recommend us the correct products, to help us optimize costs and the top level logistics enabled ourselves to have the most exclusive project of the island on time and exceeding the expectations of time and quality.

Our satisfaction with the organization and their entire team motivates us to keep working with them in The Ritz-Carlton, Turks and Caicos, Grace Bay”.


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