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Cover your walls with ceramic tiles, so that each room in your home is an oasis with the presence of nature and textures that only VIVES can find with its delicate and perfect technique in the manufacture of each collection. VIVES offers you ceramic tiles to cover your walls with exclusive and innovative designs of the highest quality that the market offers. 

Our ceramic tiles will give you that cozy natural essence that your home needs with its delicate and excellent appearance that brings aesthetics and elegance to your tiles, ideal for all types of projects, designed to highlight in detail, innovation with the classic, modern, and discreet designs. 

The Bolena collection offers you a collection of unicolored, rectangular ceramic tiles that bring the elegance of simplicity in their colors to your walls. The Viet collection with solid colors but the texture and innovative effect are ideal for achieving vintage styles. The Sindhi collection with its unicolor design and square tiles and elegant effect will captivate you with the ingenious choice of colors and finishes that is perfect to attract the attention of anyone. 

Wall cladding helps you integrate the walls into your home design without creating differences to make each space unique and special. VIVES offers you Spanish tiles, ceramic tiles with classic, or modern designs for all styles, exceeding your expectations with the variety of inspiration in materials, textures, colors, and noble patterns. 

Ceramic tiles are not only decorative and inspiring, they also insulate and provide acoustic protection in those spaces that need it such as living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Bathroom tiles to protect your walls from moisture, explore the wide variety of shower tiles and you will use the ideal one to complement your bathroom design. 

VIVES tiles stand out for their unique and exclusive designs with effects and ideal colors to be the option of the majority when covering walls, lasting on your walls for their high quality and timeless styles and designs. The most innovative ceramic tiles collections and exclusive designs we have: HaikuKasagiMankai, MontmartreNagano, Nago, Soult Multicolor, Soliva-30, Takada Marengo, and Thai. Perfect for a modern, vintage, or classic design. 

Backsplash tiles are also used in your kitchen to keep your walls protected from any type of splashes and moisture, helping you maintain cleanliness and aesthetics in your kitchen. Some ideal collections would be Sakura, Raspail, and the favorite Mugat collection. Browse all the collections we have for you, choose the ideal color and effect for each space in your home, complement and integrate each element of your home with our wide variety.

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