GROF Presents 2023 VIVES Adventure - Delving into Spanish Ceramic Mastery

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GROF Presents 2023 VIVES Adventure

Delving into Spanish Ceramic Mastery

Embarking on a Ceramic Odyssey: The 2023 VIVES Fam Trip by GROF

As October 2023 neared its end, our ensemble set forth on a memorable expedition to Valencia, Spain, immersing in the charm of this mystical land, and unraveling the sphere of ceramic and porcelain artistry. Facilitated by GROF, the 2023 Fam Trip unfolded as a distinctive venture into the architectural, design, and traditional fabric of this picturesque region, all while engaging with the prestigious VIVES Tile Factory. Spearheaded by Iris Kramer and Luis Hernandez from GROF’s Business Development Team, we were accompanied by over ten distinguished firms, encompassing architects, custom builders, kitchen and bath associates, and titans in tile distribution. The pinnacle of our voyage was undeniably our exploration of VIVES FACTORY in Castellon, Valencia, where we decoded the keystones of VIVES' eminent standing in the global ceramic arena.

Day 1: Valencia's Gastronomic and Architectural Journey

Our adventure initiated with an enthralling boat excursion to La Albufera, presenting our international companions with a slice of authentic Spanish gastronomy through a delightful paella lunch at the renowned Casa Maribel restaurant. This gastronomic prelude laid the groundwork for the escapades awaiting. We plunged into a Design Tour across Valencia, accentuating the city's architectural gems, with visits to Parque de las Ciencias and La Ciudad de las Artes, epitomizing Valencia's infrastructural prowess and affluent cultural legacy.

Day 2: Learning Voyage at VIVES FACTORY


Day two marked an extensive exploration of VIVES FACTORY. Our ceramic design odyssey commenced with an enlightening briefing by Inmaculada Traver, VIVES Design Manager, who shed light on the innovative process behind their awe-inspiring designs. The subsequent Training Session was spearheaded by Jose Luis Vives Fabra, an industry virtuoso, who imparted priceless insights regarding the technical merits and advantages of ceramic. As we navigated the production premises, we were privy to a thorough one-on-one elucidation, witnessing the painstaking precision infused in every VIVES masterpiece.


Our tour also encompassed a visit to the area's premier Ceramic Museum, tracing the metamorphosis of tile designs through the ages. The day culminated with a visit to VIVES' expansive showroom, spanning over 32,000 sqft, narrating the brand's saga and the latest design currents, rendering it a designer's haven. At the "Arte & Diseno Factory," we stumbled upon distinctive designs quintessential to the VIVES brand and delved into their complex manufacturing methods while ideating on upcoming projects and the latest 2024 trends.

Day 3: Diving into Valencia's Legacy, Culture, and Flamenco

The third day ushered with another tour of Valencia city where our GROF Business Development cadre, Vives Factory associates and Executives, alongside our Business Partners, embarked on a roughly 4-hour exploration of the historic Valencia Historical City Centre. Photos Valencia's History Tour 1-5 Our journey also led us to Fast Fashion Stores spotlighting VIVES, showcasing their inventive design ethos. The day peaked with a fervent and lively Flamenco Show at La Buleria Tablao Flamenco, encapsulating the quintessence of Spanish cultural vibrancy.

A Ceramic Epiphany and Gratitude: Concluding our 2023 VIVES Adventure

Concluding our 2023 VIVES Adventure

Our venture into VIVES FACTORY was a revelation, underscoring that VIVES transcends being a mere Spanish brand acclaimed for porcelain tiles. It epitomizes a vibrant ethos, a production journey centered on quality over quantity, designs envisaged to enhance our living spaces, and a zealous squad devoted to catering to our community of architects, designers, custom home builders, tile distributors, and homeowners who value the painstaking detail invested in every VIVES artifact.

The 2023 Corporate Fam Trip surpassed our expectations, and the anticipation for the ensuing one is palpable. Heartfelt thanks to GROF and all our Business Partners for actualizing this indelible expedition, and to VIVES for welcoming us and sharing their inspiring domain of ceramic artistry.

Written by Jose Francisco Ruiz Roscigno and Iris Juliette Kramer


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