Taberna Pedraza

Madrid, Spain

In the neighborhood of Retiro, in Madrid, is placed the Tavern Pedraza. A place where design, art and cuisine come together in to delight diners. IT is decorated with steel structures, natural elements and designer furnitures . The latest interiors trends perfectly joined over a carpet of small traditional ceramic pieces that provides a genuine touch to the room. The 6 designs 1900 series ( Gaudí-1, Güell-1, Palau Celeste, Batlló Rojizo, Jujol Grafito, Llagostera Gris ) form a colorful collage which allows feeling the tradition, warmth and style. One more example of the crucial role of ceramics in interior design as well as in defining the identity of a trade.
Designed by: Pingpong Arquitectura.

Material used in this project:

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