Mythos Restaurant

Craiova, Romania

The renovation of the restaurant named Mythos has transformed it into the most fashionable place to be and be seen in Craiova, Romania. The remodeling of this restaurant has been carried out by Yellow Office Architecture, who sought a new approach to welcome an adult and sophisticated audience by transforming its appearance.

The aim was to create a formal and distinguished ambience and the studio chose a tonality of dark blue that stands out on the walls throughout the entire room. It combines with the white boiserie and the soft velvet of the seating achieving a look of classic elegant lines.

Ceramic and wood are the base that has been selected: Ladakhi Cielo and Vodevil Nácar encaustic porcelain tiles are used for the circulation areas, meanwhile the classic wood borders the areas of relax. A charming and stylish result that can be appreciated at first glance.

Material used in this project:

Square cement white tile with light blue arabesque pattern Ladakhi by VIVESPorcelain white square tile flooring in a restaurant white porcelain tile used for high traffic flooringsquare tile with white background and sky blue arabesque patternWhite square tile floor for hallway Vodevil by VIVESceramic square white floorblue arabesque on white square tile flooring pattern by VIVES
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