Molecure Pharmacy

Taichung, Taiwan

An elegant design and cutting-edge technology go hand in hand at the Molecure Pharmacy, an innovative project that aims to break with the traditional image of this type of establishment.

To carry this out, materials made with natural inspiration were selected namely the Ceppo di Gre-R Cement porcelain tiles in the format of 59.3x119.3 cm. produced by VIVES. This tile was chosen to cover the floor of the entire project. Numerous natural plants hang from the walls while a large table made of solid wood stands out in the center of the space. All this helps to achieve a very attractive natural and primitive atmosphere. The metallic and glass elements that decorate the space give a discordant note to the project, and the final result is an up to date and modern and airy style thanks to the open distribution that invites customers to walk freely inside.

The project, which is called Molecure from words "Molecule" and "Cure", was carried out by Waterfrom Design studio and it is located in the city of Taichung, Taiwan.

Material used in this project:

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