Xanthi, Grecia

Designed by the Greek studio Koutras Konstantinos, Ketchup is a small establishment full of freshness located in the city of Xanthi, in the north of Greece.

For the staging, Strand porcelain wood collection by VIVES (59,3x59,3 cm.) has been chosen combining the different prints and colors of the series in a very colorful way to achieve an attractive effect and above all original.

The small size of the establishment has not been an impediment to create a space of great personality, and the lack of decorative elements is more than compensated by the Seriaki-R (Green, Red, Black, White) and Nenets-R (White) tiles, covering all the surfaces of the project, from the kitchen to the commercial area. The contrast between the OSB aesthetics combined with the striking colors is an experience to its customers.

Material used in this project:

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