Conversano, Italy

Located in Conversano (Puglia, Italy), we can find this beauty parlour that radiates charm and colour. It is called FL Hair and is a project made by Laboratorio Officina Idee (LOI) along with Studio Antonio Bugna & Partners.

The first thing that stands out from this project is a well distributed space that takes full advantage of natural light through its large Windows which also connect the interior with life outside. The beauty of wood used on the floos along with the warm and generous light have a relaxing and welcoming effect on the ambience. Comillas model (20x20 cm.) from 1900 series has been chosen to cover the walls of the entire establishment. This encaustic cement tile from Vives draws the attention from the walls with its soft-toned and varied colour range, creating a friendly and comfortable environment. The few decorative elements that we can find, as well as the well select furniture put the finishing touch to this chic and charming project.

Material used in this project:

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