Madrid, Spain

Cocómero represents a new concept in supermarket retail that reflects the current needs of the client. This project with a client boasts products of natural and ecological origin, looked for a special design that was in tune with the philosophy of the establishment.  With this in mind the natural decoration enhances the organic elements by using materials such as wood and rope, which help to convey a proximity to the environment.

The floor also has a decorative role in this establishment. The chosen ceramic material has been Bampton hexagon (23x26,6 cm.) by VIVES in graphite, grey, beige and natural colours, combined randomly generating a pleasant effect on the surface.

A warm and welcoming light puts the finishing touch to this place that is distinguished not only by the quality of the products but also by an innovative aesthetical design that combines the traditional style of the grocery store with a pleasant and current environment.

This project is created by Byral Interior Design Studio and it is located in Madrid.

Material used in this project:

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