Madrid, Spain

Recently the ‘afterwork' bars have become popular in Spain that give workers an place to escape from the routine work and share funny and relaxing moments with their colleagues. Hara, located in the center of Madrid, is one of the first Spanish ‘afterwork' bars. Designed by La Credenza, they wanted to capture the Anglo essence and move it onto the latest trends. For this, they used ceramics made by VIVES with the Bunker-R Gris flooring tile for the cafe area together with a perfect combination of the 1900 Gris 20x20cm classic smooth gray tone that highlights the hydraulic look ceramic tiles created by the Tassel Perla, which gives a distinctive touch to every room creating very original and unique areas. These were then combined with the Plinto Gris and Escala Blanco wall tiles providing the area with a special touch. The furniture has been carefully also been chosen together with ceramics creating an eclectic harmony throughout the premises. A place to get away from routine in a most unusual environment.

Material used in this project:

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